Peyote Stitch Bead Reader

If you have questions or want to submit a pattern for consideration, contact me on this form. I'll try to get back to you.

Also if you have proof of purchase for one of the locked patterns, let me know and I'll give you the key to make the Reader available.


If you have a browser that supports HTML5 and Speech Synthesis and Javascript the patterns shown on the index page can be read out loud to you. Most newer browsers will support the pattern display and showing the next bead to use. And several will support actually speaking the bead color. To see if your browser will actually speak, press the Test button and listen for "Test Successful". If you have not previously used speech on your computer it may take several seconds before the test phrase is actually spoken.


From the index page select a pattern. If the pattern is free you will have access, if it is a paid pattern you must enter the password. At this time you probably want to see what the Reader does. If so just press "Start". The Reader should tell you a color and the number of bead of that color. You may soon realize that you don't like the color as it is displayed or as it spoken. See the directions for the "Color" button to change. See the "Hints" section to understand how the reader tells you how many colors in a row it will speak.

Color button

When you select the Colors button the Colors page will open either as a new tab on your browser or a new Window. Once on the Color page you can change the actual color that is displayed as well as the name that is spoken, You can, of course, use any color you choose when actually beading. If you change a color it will be remembered on your computer for 60 days or until you press the "Clear All" button.

To change the color that is displayed double-click on the color. A selection box will show up for that color. Click on the selection box to make changes. Depending on your browser you may be given a selection of each of the colors in the display or, by selecting "More" you can change to any color you chose.

To change the color that is spoken, first enter new name in replacement box. Next click on the color to be renamed. Then click on Change button.

Once you have all the displayed colors and the names of the colors the way you desire, go back to the pattern. Color name changes take place immediately, colors displayed require a page reload to take place


If you haven't already hit the "Start" button you can now do so. (If you have not previously used speech on your computer it may take several seconds before the first bead is actually spoken.) If you have already hit the "Start" button, the button will now say "Next". If you want to restart at the beginning of the pattern, click on the first bead of the pattern.

In the event you don't finish the pattern in one session, the page will remember your position and continue on the next bead when you come back to the pattern page. It will remember your position for 60 days but I always feel it is a good idea to write down the next bead number just in case.


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